Yoga Classes

Yoga is about unity and connection.

When your entire system is aligned and functioning as a clear vessel, you have the capacity to create your own buoyancy. You have the clarity and drive to attract the experiences and things you want.

Kate’s yoga classes weave together physical movement, breath work and sound current to take you to this state, giving you the power to return there yourself.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s move.”

Online and in-person yoga classes are available to book for private one-on-one instruction as well as groups. Contact Kate to book your sessions.

“Dear Kate,
Thank you so much for the time you have spent with us for the past few weeks. Since yoga began I have noticed myself to be more calm and I thank you for that. The breathing techniques you have shown us have been so helpful.”

– Teen Yoga Student

“I can’t express how much your teachings have changed my life these past couple of months… What really made these classes special was your big smile and brilliant presence. Your passion for teaching, and for life, is so apparent.”

– Danielle

“Thank you for your sunshine and your love of fun-so grateful that you arrived at OMY.”

– Lorna