Voice Training

Arguably the most vulnerable component to the human instrument is our voice. Ironically, for most of human history people sang together, and it wasn’t seen as a competition or a contest; it was a joyful communal experience. One of the hormones we generate when we sing is oxytocin; a hormone that makes it possible for us to bond. So when you sing, you bond with the people around you and, in a group setting, with the people you are singing with.

Kate offers private voice lessons, available in person or online. Kate also directs Quadra Singers (the community choir on Quadra Island) and co-directs two call and response style choirs with her Mom, Mary Dennison: Singin’ Babes and Sing For Pure Joy!

Contact Kate to book a voice class or make an inquiry.

Kate singing at the Quadra Divas concert at Tsa-Kwa-Luten Lodge, January 2016.

Something New

by Kate Alexandra | Divas Concert

My Guy

by Kate Alexandra | Divas Concert

Love Is Blind

by Kate Alexandra | Divas Concert

Gentle Rain

by Kate Alexandra | Divas Concert

“Kate has helped me immensely. I came to her lacking confidence and with a very limited range I could sing. I decided to try voice lessons with Kate to help me feel better about my singing. I also wanted some strategies to learn cover songs as I was struggling to sing anything other than my original songs with other musicians in a group. The first few times I went to Kate I was astonished at how much confidence I gained both in my original material and in learning and singing other songs. The more lessons I took that more my confidence grew as did my range. My upper range of my voice has improved by leaps and bounds with Kate’s help. Her warm ups and strategies and wisdom helped me to begin to put color and texture to my singing. Kate is an amazing teacher!”

– Marnie