February 12, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Heriot Bay Inn
$35 w/ meal or $20
Heriot Bay Inn
(250) 285-3322
The Pacific North West Side Story @ Heriot Bay Inn

We’re not in New York anymore, and this ain’t the Upper West Side! As playwright Allen Perkins clarifies (sort of), “Think of Romeo & Juliet… filtered through West Side Story… filtered through Granite Bay.”

The Quintessential American musical meets the Quadrassential American expat. And you can expect all the usual suspects: Madcap mafia mooks, Bumbling Ozark bumpkins, bygone Scottish bagpipe breeders, always amiable Quadra Islanders, a reluctant refugee from the sixties, and a bounty hunter named Beatrice hired for her final hit. Textbook stuff, really.

All served up with singing, dancing, and delectable Heron’s dining!

Don’t miss it… the whole gang will be there!