September 16, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Quadra Community Centre
970 W Rd
Heriot Bay, BC V0P 1H0
$10 drop in, or get a discount for the whole session
Mary Dennison
(250) 202-1003

sing for pure joy

Arguably the most vulnerable component to the human instrument is our voice. Ironically, For most of human history people sang together, and it wasn’t seen as a competition or a contest; it was a joyful communal experience. One of the hormones we generate when we sing is oxytocin; a hormone that makes it possible for us to bond. So when you sing, you bond with the people around you and, in a group setting, with the people you are singing with. Sing For Pure Joy! is part of the Ubuntu (“I am because we are”) choir network, a global movement to reclaim our birthright to song.

Join my Mom and I at the Quadra Community Centre for an hour and a half of singing for pure joy! Songs from all over the world. Call and Response. Everybody welcome!